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Description of Course

Learn how to estimate measurement uncertainty for micrometer calibrations and measurements made with micrometers. This uncertainty training course covers what sources of uncertainty you should include in your uncertainty budgets and how to calculate the value of each uncertainty contributor. Additionally, you will learn how to make your uncertainty budgets, calculate dimensional CMC uncertainty formulas, and report uncertainty in your test or calibration reports.

This course has everything you need to estimate uncertainty for micrometers.

This is an amazing course for calibration and testing laboratories, including dimensional, mechanical, and any other laboratory that calibrates micrometers or uses micrometers to make measurements. We cover both scenarios. Yes, this course will work for you. In less than 4 hours, you will learn how to estimate uncertainty so you can stop wasting time looking up useless information online and trying to perform calculations you are not sure of.

Let me walk you through the process step-by-step. Plus, you will get access to all the calculators used in this course so you can estimate uncertainty faster.

Finally, I included a demonstration video so you can watch me estimate uncertainty for a micrometer step-by-step. Just follow along and let me guide you to creating your uncertainty budget.


Topics Covered in This Course

Here is what you can expect to find in this course:

  1. How setup your uncertainty analysis
  2. What contributors to include in your uncertainty budgets
  3. How to calculate each contributor
  4. How to make an uncertainty budget
  5. How to calculate dimensional CMC uncertainty formulas
  6. How to report uncertainty in your test or calibration reports


Time to Complete

4 hours 42 minutes


Included In This Course

Here is what is include with this course:

  1. 3 month access to all video lessons and demonstrations
  2. All uncertainty calculators used during training
  3. All PowerPoint Slides
  4. PowerPoint Handouts (if you want to take notes with the slides)
  5. Training Certificate (Upon Completion) with CE credit hours


Additional Information

Here is additional information that you may find important:

  1. 4K resolution video (other resolutions are selectable)
  2. Closed captions available (English)
  3. Videos include chapters (so you can jump to a particular topic in any video)
  4. Available on demand 24/7 on any device
  5. Videos can be cast to training room televisions

4K UHD IconClosed Caption IconTV Cast Icon24/7 Access Icon

Course Curriculum

HCMU402 – Lesson 1: Specify A Measurement Function 00:30:00
HCMU402 – Lesson 2: Calculating Sources of Uncertainty – Part 1 00:45:00
HCMU402 – Lesson 2: Calculating Sources of Uncertainty – Part 2 00:35:00
HCMU402 – Lesson 2: Calculating Sources of Uncertainty – Part 3 00:58:00
HCMU402 – Lesson 3: Characterize and Convert Uncertainty 00:13:00
HCMU402 – Lesson 4: Combined and Expanded Uncertainty 00:09:00
HCMU402 – Lesson 5: Reporting Uncertainty 00:47:00
HCMU402 – Demo 1: Reporting Uncertainty 00:45:00

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