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Welcome to the most comprehensive course on the estimation of measurement uncertainty.

Any course can teach the GUM method to estimate uncertainty in measurement. In this course, you will learn much more than just theory! I am going to teach you the tactics that I use to calculate uncertainty, so you can confidently estimate uncertainty and impress your auditors.


Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Course
Course Introduction: How to Calculate Measurement Uncertainty 00:18:00
Course Documents 00:00:00
Step 1 - Uncertainty Analysis
Lesson 1: Specifying A Measurement Function 00:30:00
Project 1: Specify A Measurement Function 365, 00:00
Lesson 2: Identifying Sources of Uncertainty 00:37:00
Project 2: Identify Sources of Uncertainty 365, 00:00
Lesson 3: Quantifying Sources of Uncertainty 01:11:00
Project 3: Quantify Sources of Uncertainty 365, 00:00
Lesson 4: Characterizing Sources of Uncertainty 00:41:00
Step 2 - Estimating Uncertainty
Lesson 5: Convert Uncertainty To Standard Deviations 00:22:00
Project 4: Characterize Sources of Uncertainty 365, 00:00
Lesson 6: Calculate the Combined Uncertainty 00:29:00
Project 5: Calculate The Combined Uncertainty 365, 00:00
Lesson 7: Calculate Expanded Uncertainty 00:19:00
Project 6: Calculate The Expanded Uncertainty 365, 00:00
Lesson 8: Evaluate The Expanded Uncertainty 00:21:00
Project 7: Find Significant Contributors To Uncertainty 365, 00:00
Project 8: Calculate the Effective Degrees of Freedom 365, 00:00
Project 9: Evaluate the Estimated Uncertainty 365, 00:00
Step 3 - Preparing for Accreditation
Lesson 9: Create An Uncertainty Budget 00:23:00
Lesson 10: Calculate the CMC Uncertainty 00:42:00
Lesson 11: Reporting The Uncertainty 00:42:00
Lesson 12: Creating And Updating Scope of Accreditation 00:21:00
Bonus Lessons
Lesson 13: Statements of Conformity and Decision Rules 00:34:00
Lesson 14: One Factor At A Time Analysis for Evaluating Uncertainty 00:22:00

Course Reviews


37 ratings
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  1. 5

    Very thorough, clear and concise. Great detail and examples are very helpful. Highly recommend *****

  2. 5

    Course was very informative. Very helpful.

  3. 5

    A thorough, comprehensive and user-friendly course on calculating measurement uncertainty. This ISO Budgets course not only provides you with all the tools you need to calculate MU and compose CMC Budgets, but also references numerous sources of additional guidance. Richard Hogan has provided a solid MU course with materials you will continue to utilize going forward.

  4. 5

    This course is accessible to students and thorough. Mr. Hogan explains the calculations well as he walks the students from the introductory concepts of uncertainty to the completion of an uncertainty budget ready for submission for ISO 17025 approval. I greatly appreciated his focus on developing a robust uncertainty budget that was defensible to auditors, and on many occasions pointing out common problem areas that assessors flag. The documentation is first rate and will provide a valuable reference.

  5. 5

    Very thorough, clear and concise. Great detail and examples are very helpful. Highly recommend *****

  6. 5

    Great course with a lot of information given, very easy to follow along with and went at a good pace with lessons and projects.

  7. 5

    The course presented detail material using simple terms. The project work in Excel kept the participant engaged while reinforcing the lessons. The overall summary at Lesson 9 tied the elements back together in context. The last lessons guided the participant on practical application of the calculations and presentation of the information that was developed during the course. Well Done!

  8. 5

    A good introductory course to measurement of uncertainty.

  9. 5

    This was a great course

    It’s full of good examples and tips to find information.
    Secrets to evaluate and reduce your uncertainties.
    And the way that Richard coaches you makes this course an excellent invest.

    Congratulations Richard.

  10. 5

    The course was well taught by Richard, he did a great job of watering down the confusing points to point out what they really are looking for in those section. The course helped clear up a lot of things for me and I will be strongly recommending to others who are interested. I really enjoyed how this course was taught and how the schedule went. Richard is also very easy to get in touch with to ask any questions.

  11. 5

    “Great course. Mr. Hogan takes the mystery out of the application of measurement uncertainty and the application of it. I highly recommend this course to everyone.”

  12. 5

    Great Information, and help every step of the way. I now feel I am ready to start calculating MU.

  13. 5

    Mr Hogan has tremendous knowledge and insight to the industry as a whole and makes Measurement Uncertainty Applications in an easy to understand process.

  14. 5

    Creating an uncertainty budget from start to finish can be an intimidating challenge. Mr. Hogan has created a systematic, step by step approach that breaks the process down into easier to understand concepts. Each lesson is clear and concise, with excellent examples and tools that walk the student through the process of building an uncertainty budget. I highly recommend the course.

  15. 5

    Working through this course was a very positive experience – the instructor is responsive, willing to answer questions, and provides feedback on each assignment. It is immediately obvious that a great deal of time and effort has been put in to structuring the course and putting together supplemental materials to assist students. I finished with, what I feel, is a very strong foundation and understanding of what makes an uncertainty budget and how to collect the information necessary to develop more.
    The lessons are broken up in meaningful ways and the progression feels appropriate. A wide variety of examples are demonstrated, and in more ways than one – the instructor provides demonstrations of how to perform calculations and collect information in corresponding assignment videos and literature for each lesson. References and useful tips are included to help the student identify how the uncertainty budget they create compares to national labs and other accredited bodies.

  16. 5

    The course is very informative. All of the assignments are worked through by the instructor to help show the interaction of each calculation. I would highly recommend this course to anyone working in a calibration laboratory.

  17. 5

    Great Course. The content and delivery style are easy to follow.
    My biggest takeaways was the acquired confidence in calculating measurement uncertainty.
    I have ended the course feeling motivated to whip out my new skills and go on a new budget adventure.
    Recommending this course wholeheartedly.

  18. 5

    Excellent course for understanding the steps to create and evaluate CMC’s for labs. Response to questions is timely and helpful.

  19. 5

    This is a great course for anyone wanting a detailed understanding of calculating measurement uncertainty! Thank you ISO Budgets!

  20. 5

    This course looks really good based on the intro material.

  21. 5

    The course was definitely useful. I feel beter prepared now to assess uncertainty for the different methods used in our lab and more in control of the uncertainty parameters.

  22. This course deserves more than 5 stars


    I have spent a monumental amount of time researching measurement uncertainty. There are many resources available online. However, the issue is that you will rarely find any two sources that agree on everything regarding measurement uncertainties. This makes researching measurement uncertainties on your own overwhelmingly confusing and extremely ineffective.

    I have always excelled at math. I took four advanced math courses in high school just to avoid taking a foreign language. I was a nuclear reactor operator in the United States Navy. Yet, the process of calculating measurement uncertainties has always eluded me.

    That is, until I enrolled in the measurement uncertainty class offered at This course is BY FAR the best measurement uncertainty course available. The courses are very well put together and organized. The instructor is very knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive.

    When I first read the GUM, it was basically useless to me and none of it made sense because I did not understand the math involved. I now have a much deeper understanding of the math and fundamentals behind uncertainty calculations, and that is entirely because of the training course from

    I absolutely recommend this course to all who consider themselves calibration and metrology professionals.

  23. Best Uncertainty Training Around


    Being exposed to the calibration and measurement industry as long as I have, I have NEVER had a training course cover as much detail as this. Rick is always more than willing to help answer any questions you may have about anything – even if it’s not specifically referenced in his course. The examples are well placed, the course content in clear and concise, and it can be completed online in your own time! I never thought I’d get as far as I did, but I’m now able to confidently create uncertainty budgets to assist my company with 17025 compliance, and it’s a great feeling. 5 stars to you, Rick – I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.

  24. Best and Clear Uncertainty Training


    The course makes us to clearly understand the measurement of uncertainty from the basics with very clear explanations with valuable reasons, suggestions and clarifications. Videos and Assignments changed me from a doubtful person to a confident man.

    The complete course material was available on the first day of the training. Helped to go through the entire course content.

    I strongly recommend the course to all who are really interested to know, to learn and do measurement uncertainty.

  25. Through lesson and helpful instructor


    I find this course very interesting for absolute beginners and quite easy to follow. There are times when it seems to be confusing especially when the lesson/assignments are not the same as your parameters, but emailing Rick will help you get back on track.

  26. Enormously Valuable Course!



    In addition to working with you as our uncertainty budget consultant, our firm wanted to take advantage of your class. As I moved through the course, I realized most of the questions I’d either asked or planned on asking are covered in your course. I find the instruction on the process to be enormously valuable, but I’m still glad I hired you to do our budgets!

    Thank you for your intellect and the ability to transfer a portion of your knowledge.

    Best regards,

    Skip Phillips
    Pi Tape Texas, LLC

  27. Great Course


    The course provides many tools and a thorough understanding on how to calculate MU for ISO/IEC 17025. Rick provides great feedback throughout the course.

  28. Awesome Course


    Great Course for learning how to calculate Measurement of Uncertainty. Comprehensive and easy to understand. Rick has put together a training course that excels and provides much more than just information. He provides real world scenarios, back pocket knowledge and the tactics needed so you can estimate uncertainty confidently and accurately. Rick is accessible and willing to answer any questions. The Lessons and Projects are well thought out and presented so one lesson compliments the next. Rick is incredibly knowledgeable and definitely a master at his craft. 5 Stars for sure!

    Blake Guynes
    Guynes Precision Calibration Lab

  29. Excellent Course for Understanding Uncertainty


    We needed to get some training on measurement uncertainty for a testing laboratory that we are setting up at my workplace. Since I already had some background in measurement and statistics I decided upon Richard Hogan’s online course. I was very impressed with the level of detail and the way he has constructed his course. The videos were very easy to follow and the assignments helped to apply the knowledge from the videos.

    I was able to use the information from the course to determine the measurement uncertainty for some testing that we were doing in our lab. I expect to be able to apply this to other test and measurement activities in the future.

    Thank you Richard for a great course!

  30. Excellent Class!!!!


    ISObudgets’ uncertainty class provided me with the skills, knowledge, and encouragement that enable our lab to successfully pass our latest audit and add to our scope of accreditation! THANKS RICK!!!!

  31. Very useful course


    It provides a solid understanding of the basics of measurement uncertainty. While it caters to the US system of accreditation, it provides a good foundation for international organisations. My only recommendation would be to include more than one unit under test for the assignments, to more comprehensively test an in depth understanding. Possibly an assignment using the OFAT analysis would be beneficial.

  32. 5

    Our calibration lab recently went from NIST with data to 540.1. Completed everything other than creating MUB’s for use. With the help of ISO.Budgets, we now have some working MUB’s and a scope of accreditation that just a few days ago passed the A2LA Accreditation audit. Going to take some time to get good at creating these MUB’s, but I now have the tools required to do so. Thanks for the course and all the material provide.

  33. Very indepth and practical course


    This was both a great overview and detailed instruction on the intricacies of uncertainty budgets for our testing laboratory. Definitely recommended!



    Very Informative! Highly Recommended!

  35. Excellent course


    Highly recommend taking this course. Rick is knowledgeable in not only calculating uncertainties but also on the accreditation process. If you need any help preparing for your first internal audit he can help assist.

    Thanks Rick, it was a pleasure meeting you!

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