• Statistics Cheat Sheet For Uncertainty Analysis


    Do you calculate uncertainty? Are you tired of looking up statistical functions in books and online?

    Then, download my handy statistics cheat sheet!

    My statistics cheat sheet has every statistical function and formula you will need to calculate uncertainty and evaluate your results. All packed into 2 pages!

    Check out all of the great functions that I packed into this statistics cheat sheet.

    • Average
      Standard Deviation
      Determining Sample Size
      Degrees of Freedom
      Sum of Squares
      Root Sum of Squares
      Pooled Variance
      Effective Degrees of Freedom
      Linear Interpolation
      Linear Regression
      Sensitivity Coefficients

    • Covariance
      Correlation Coefficient
      Coefficient of Determination
      Central Limit Theorem
      Standard Deviation of the Mean
      Confidence Intervals
      Student’s T Distribution
      Probability Distributions

    Plus, I have included a section for probability distributions and divisors to help you quickly reduce uncertainty.

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