• Expert Tips to Calculate Calibration Uncertainty


    Learn to calculate calibration uncertainty in accordance with ILAC P14.

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    This checklist will guide you through the 8 steps needed to calculate calibration uncertainty in accordance with ILAC P14, all summarized into 2 pages!
    See what my calibration uncertainty checklist will teach you;

    • How to specify your measurement function and test point
    • How to calculate CMC Uncertainty for fixed points and equations
    • How to determine UUT Resolution for digital and analog devices
    • How to collect measurement data and calculate UUT Repeatability
    • How to reduce uncertainty to standard deviation equivalents
    • How to calculate combined uncertainty
    • How to calculate expanded uncertainty
    • How to verify your calibration uncertainty estimates

    This checklist is great for a quick reference. Plus, you can use it to help you write a procedure to calculate uncertainty.

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Use my FREE Calibration Uncertainty Checklist to help you calculate uncertainty iaw ILAC P14.