Top 10 Mistakes When Calculating Measurement Uncertainty



  • Improve Your Ability To Calculate Uncertainty

    Learn how to avoid costly mistakes other laboratories have made when calculating uncertainty.

    Featuring my exclusive Top 10 list that took 8 years to make.

    Calculating uncertainty is hard! It is one of the Top 10 Deficiencies in ISO/IEC 17025 audits. Plus, audit deficiencies related to measurement uncertainty can put your accreditation on hold for months which could cost you a lot of time and money.

    What if I could show you the Top 10 mistakes laboratories make when calculating uncertainty?

    It could help you…

    • avoid making these deadly mistakes,
    • allow you to fix these mistakes before your next audit,
    • improve ability to calculate uncertainty,

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    You’ll Learn:

    • Top 10 mistakes labs make when calculating uncertainty.
    • How to avoid making these mistakes yourself.
    • How to fix these mistakes if you have made them.

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Learn how to avoid the 10 biggest mistakes when calculating uncertainty with my exclusive cheatsheet.